Maternity Halloween Costumes – How To Look Sexy, Not Frumpy

Maternity Halloween Costumes have come a long way in a short time.

Nowadays, Halloween Costumes for pregnant women are becoming more and more mainstream. It was not that long ago that you had to wear something that looked more like circus big top if an expectant mom wanted to have a Halloween costume.

Now there are an increasing number of bespoke outfits that actually enhance, rather than conceal your little darling to be.

1/ Maternity Halloween Costumes -that enhance your bump.

These costumes are a result of a great mass change in attitude. Whereas a few years ago, showing your bump was frowned upon, most people see (especially) Halloween costumes as a way of glorifying it. Let’s be honest, if you cannot show something as wonderful as a baby, what is the world coming to?

Great examples of these new costumes are the “sexy” range. You can now get sexy nurses, witches, fairies, angels etc which are all attractive costumes that make dressing up during pregnancy a delight rather than bind. The thing is that they make you look really good.

To cap it all off you can get real fun costumes such as the “labels”. These are sort of billboards (like the old “sandwich man” walking adverts of years ago) which have a big sign proclaiming… “Knocked Up”. Can you imagine wearing that a few years ago?

The ultimate “be proud of your bump” maternity costume must be the “Bun In The Oven” outfit. Quite simply this is an oven shaped (ad sized!) costume that has a real opening door on hinges with, you’ve guessed it, a bun inside. You can get a matching chef style “Bun Maker” costume for your other half to compliment yours.

2/ Maternity Halloween Costumes that conceal your bump.

If you are not comfortable with those sort of costumes, there are plenty of others that will actually conceal or at least not make a feature of your tummy.

There are lovely feminine ones such as the Pirate Queen maternity costume. Loose flowing layers mould your shape into nice “girlie” curves. There are plenty of classical and historical costumes such as Greek Goddesses, Roman Empresses, Miss Liberty (just like the Statue Of Liberty) or Juliets (Shakespeare’s’). You can go for a film or cartoon character such as the Wicked Witch in Sleeping Beauty or a fun character like a Mother Superior. You may even fancy a solid costume like a Peeps marshmallow (just make sure you have someone to help you get it on before the party).

The one downside is that you have no excuse for not looking great and having an absolute ball in these super maternity Halloween costumes but I’m sure you can live with that..

Source by Jeanie S Smith

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